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Who's Beth?

Originally from upstate New York, I'm a somewhat recent transplant to the Midwest - I currently hail from Bloomington, Indiana. I'm a technology lover with a passion for helping others learn how to get the most out of their tech. As part of my job, I write and teach IT workshops and test out new training modalities. Outside of work, I enjoy experimenting with graphic design, I dabble in digital libraries, and I build websites for fun.

Education-wise, I've got a Masters of Science in Education in Educational Technology, and a dual Masters in Library and Information Science.

My hobbies include crafting, reading, working with computers, being outdoors, and riding my scooter. I also enjoy painting miniature figurines for games, and taking photographs of the finished figures is a fledgling hobby of mine.

I also run The Crafty Nerd, a blog about all things crafty and nerdy. It's a fun place for me to ramble about my love of technology and crafting, as well as share my interests with the world.

What does Beth do?

My professional life has me developing and teaching technology workshop, creating and delivering webinars, and authoring blog entries for IT Training. I also develop websites, design logos and website graphics, and offer one-on-one technology training.

Technology Training

I teach technology workshops for Indiana University, and also work with people one-on-one to help them get the most out of their technology. From Photoshop to Powerpoint, from HTML to PHP, I can help you learn it.

Website Development

Website development is a passion of mine. I especially enjoy working with HTML, CSS, and PHP to create simple yet dynamic websites, and occasionally enjoy customizing Wordpress templates as well.

Graphic and Print Design

Graphic and print design are the main focus of my work. I love teaching others the basics of design, as well as creating my own works.

Technology Blogging

I enjoy working with technology so much that I often tend to blog about it as well!

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